In recent times, there are lots of Battle Royale games out there with different challenges, and Apex Legends Mobile is one of them. Many users around the world are becoming addicted to Apex Legends Mobile game as it includes lots of action features. It means various action features, functions, levels, missions, challenges are added in the game, which makes it fabulous as compared to other games. One can easily play the game on both iOS as well as Android devices for free. There are plenty of places available in the game where you need to go for loot and for destroying all other enemies.

Becoming a pro player or progress in the game faster is not an easy task, like cutting a piece of cake. Users need to pay more efforts and time to the game for understanding the persuasive strategies. In the post, we are going to mention some useful facts of Apex Legends Mobile that you need to know.

Understand Basics

If you are a beginner at Apex Legends Mobile game, then don’t forget to understand the basics first. With the help of the game tutorial, you are able to understand all game basics, controls, functions, besides essential features.

Pay attention to Loot

No matter what you are collecting through a big loot but useful weapons matters a lot. Try to collect more resources as much as possible by paying attention to loot. In the early stages, a player is able to go for a big loot without facing so many competitions. When the level ups, the hardness of level also increases; it means you need to meet more issues. Don’t panic; each challenge offers more enjoyment so one can easily enjoy the loots.

Know the Legend

Before going to battle, every user is suggested to choose a legend (character) which plays the entire role in the mission. Each character in the game contains different abilities or skills. Try to select the most potent legend from which you can defeat other players quickly without getting stressed.

Weapon Types

Plenty of weapons are added in the game which you can use for defeating other rivals. Know the kind of weapons as each weapon contains different powers or ranges. Don’t panic; the game offers each weapon details before playing any level. Experiment with each weapon in the training or real battle session. Yes, you can quickly try each weapon in the training room or real battles and can decide which is the powerful one. In other words, it may allow users to choose the best rifle ever and kill enemies smoothly without getting stressed.

Weapon combinations

Once you know which is the best weapon to use, try to understand the combinations. Users can quickly use the combination of weapons while playing any mission. Having a peacekeeper in one hand is not a bad idea when you are covered with more enemies. For short-range combat, an Assault rifle with peacekeeper may be the right combination to use.

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