Mini Militia is one of the best multiplayer shooting games out for Android and iOS devices. Users can play online as well as the offline mode to play the game. Choose a powerful weapon to kill different dangerous opponents. Lots of exciting tasks, missions, war, game modes, leagues are added in the game, which makes it fantastic as compared to other users. Opting best shooting tips and skills permit gamers to pass every single level smoothly without getting stressed. In other words, playing Mini Militia challenges gently helps you to enjoy more besides reducing daily life stress quickly. If you are the one who loves to play war/shooting games, then you should try Mini Militia game once.

In the post, beginners are going to find some aspects which help to progress in the game faster like no one another can.

Equip good weapon

Always select the best gun or two rifles from which you can kill different opponents faster to win the level. Sniper, rocket launcher and shotguns are considered as best weapons in early stages of offline mode. Make sure that a user is reloading the weapons before going into a battle. It permits them to kill opponents without facing any issue of empty rifles.

Suicide option

Yes, the game includes suicide option too, which help users a lot to solve queries. In case a player gets stuck in a hard level, and they don’t need to give points to other users, the easiest way to solve this problem is committing suicide. Also, for going out of the map, this feature can be used correctly. In simple words, in case if a user doesn’t want to face any problem in the match more, he/she can commit suicide.

Bend down

Sometimes in harder situations, bending down barefoot may help a user a lot without facing any issue of getting killed. For example, bending down when an opponent throw bomb on, you may help to survive more without getting killed. Not all the health reduced when a grenade was thrown at an opponent in the case; he/she bend down. So, we can say that performing this task can help users to protect themselves from death.

Join mid of the battles

Wait for others to engage in fighting, and wait for the right time. Take advantage of the right time and make your move by getting in the middle of the attacks. It helps you to kill all rivals as soon as possible with good guns or rifles. Make sure that you are holding a functional weapon from which you can shoot from long range correctly without missing any shot.


We can easily say that if you are a beginner at Mini Militia game besides need to succeed faster, try to follow the content mentioned above. It may help them to enjoy the game more and become a pro player. Also, you can adopt other shooting techniques for ranking up faster like no one another can.

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