Dragon City is a shooting game, where a sniper search for the enemies and kill them. A sniper takes the dangerous challenge to kill the criminals. It is published by Candy Mobile and only works on the android platform. Here, you are face to face with the criminals to attack them. It is a super game with a lot of weapons to save the world from criminals. You get the powerful bullet system in your gun, which destroys the enemy in just a minute.


Search for the enemy

In the game, enemies are around of you. You have to pay attention to every activity of enemies so that they could not harm you. When you see any suspicious activity around you, make a shoot from your gun. Never give any chance to anyone to lower your energy level, always keep your eyes on criminals.


Boost your energy  

When the criminals shot a sniper, it lowers his energy level. A Dragon City every time needs the power to fight with the criminals. For gaining energy, you have to kill the enemies; it makes the high your energy and boosts your energy level.    


Finish the game

In Modern Sniper game, you have a telescope attached with your gun, which can focus on any object. A telescope helps you to perform clear shot on the criminals. It is vital to find the criminal before he sees you. Take your load gun and move to destroy all the enemies.

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