PUBG Mobile Lite is a lighter version of PUBG Mobile that supports poor and low specifications phones too. There are some fewer features added in Lite mode as compared to Big one. In other words, in PUBG Mobile Lite players need to face some limitations while playing missions. But not all the times they need to face issues as almost the game is similar to the original one.

Generally, the game is launched recently for selected countries. It’s not an easy task for users to achieve chicken dinner, and not all the players know about the lite version. In the post, you can find some tips and aspects to make chicken dinner as well as about the game.

The Map is much smaller

The first thing you need to know that in the lite mode, you need to face a smaller map. It also makes one massive effect on the gameplay. While jumping to base, or attacking places, a user will find a shorter place to play. Due to smaller maps, it’s easier for players to reach corners during the jump. So, users can take advantage of this feature as well as face some distractions.

Use scopes

Since the map is smaller, with the help of right scopes, users can easily find the targets and can kill them. Getting 4x or 8x ranges are even better to find and kill the enemies faster. That help users to enjoy the game more also can win the chicken dinner. Also, with the help of higher scopes, you can make headshots easily without getting stressed.

Loot first, shoot later

Every user is recommended to go for loot first apart going to kill the enemies. Loot in the means; players need to find the weapons and collect the items first. It helps them to grab a good advantage over other users. Don’t waste time to perform unnecessary tasks as there are many jobs to be done for achieving chicken dinner.

Keep an eye on the map

The map can tell you where you can get more resources or gears. Keeping an eye on the map always help users to get high loot like no one another can. In other words, the following map correctly helps to know what to do next. So, keep trying to focus on the map as well as on the battlefield for grabbing higher objectives.

Join a squad

Either going alone to the battlefield, try to play with teammates. Making a mighty team of PUBG players helps you to play in a group besides win chicken dinner. Yes, it is possible, one can easily invite their friends to play PUBG Mobile Lite and defeat other players. Make sure that your team is competent enough to work in unity without defeating each other.


So, we can conclude that if you want to see ‘winner-winner chicken dinner on your device then try to follow all pro tips. Also, users get the chance to become the greatest player ever like no one another can.

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