DBZ Dokkan Battle is a video game, in which you control the actions of birds to do some adventure task. Angry Birds series launched ninth series on 17 March 2014; the name is Angry Words Epic. It is the only game, where you enjoy the war of cute bird. People, as well as children, like to play angry birds game. The game has become the favorite game among the millions. The popularity of the DBZ Dokkan Battle is spread all over the world. Best features are the design and graphics of the game.

  • Take the battle    

Start the battle with your enemies and move forward with your team. Take a level and put all the effort to win the game. Make a strong team and choose the right strategy to fight with your competitors. DBZ Dokkan Battle has numerous of the interesting level.

  • Dangerous Weapons  

You have hundreds of weapons to defeat your enemies. Angry Bird platform provides you the devastating arms to destroy the world of your enemies. More you collect the points more you get the chance to upgrade your weapons.

  • Level up your Game

Become the superpower of the game and defeat your enemy. There are a lot of enemies you have to face in battles such as King Pig and Wiz Pig. These foes will give you a different challenge; you have to cross all the levels. Every level gives you the opportunity to collect the points and make your team stronger.

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