Dream League Soccer is an adventure game, where you go on the journey of a violent world. Vice city games provide you every pleasure of action games. Rockstar North is the developer of the vice city game. There are many factors, which influenced the developer to design the game such as biker gangs, Mafioso drug lords, and movie Scarface as well as Miami Vice. A criminal is controlled by the players, who complete the missions. He has a gun to shoot the people in the game. Some tips are necessary for performing well and good result in the game.

Tips for the effective performance 

  1. Choose the criminal, here you can select the clothes of the character, and you can choose the gun. Pay attention all around, when a role is running; otherwise, another character of the game can shoot you. Before they put their arm on you, you have to destroy them.
  2. You can use the vehicles to go to other places as much as possible. It makes you fast for completing the game. Vehicles, you can enjoy in the game are; different types of cars, helicopters, boats, etc.
  3. You have to reach on the final spot to complete the level of Dream League Soccer, for being on the final destination you will destroy your enemy.
  4. To keep your energy level; you will save yourself from the enemies. When other character shoots your character, it sucks your lot of energy.
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