Archery King is a game of aquatic adventure, in which the player controls a shark. Hungry Shark World consists of many aquatic creatures and non-aquatic creatures as well, such as humans. Arcade-style RPG games started the series of Hungry Shark and developed and published by Future Games and Ubisoft Entertainment. It comes under the action games category. There are several verities of sharks, great white shark, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, and mako sharks in the game. Archery King made a record when it downloaded 10 million times in six days on the iPhone and Android Apps.


Guide and Features

  1. There are more than 20 shark species. Choose an iconic ocean predator: the Great White along with the range of sharks in 7 different size tiers.
  2. A vast aquatic world is open for all the game players. Here you can explore frozen Arctic Ocean, exotic Arabian Sea, lush Pacific Island, and now South China Sea.
  3. Archery King game takes you on the adventure of water with 100s of delicious creatures such as Whales, submarines, etc.
  4. Upgrade the game level and level up your shark and equip the gadgets to perform harder, swim faster.
  5. Headphones, umbrella and a freakin’ jetpack are needed to complete a shark.
  6. A hungry Shark World game gives you the adventure of more than 20 different types of mission. These missions include high score challenges, prey hunts, and epic boss fights.
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