World Conqueror 4 is an amazing game in which you will have no time to get bored. The game is all about two kids that have lost at a place about which they know nothing. The two kids need your help urgently to survive.


 The path to their survival is full of adventure and treasure that is waiting for you to hunt them. If you are seeking adventure and ancient archipelagos and nowhere to explore, the island experiment is the perfect game for you.


Below given are some of the general tips that you can use to play the game like a pro.


1. Make space whenever possible


The woods can be used for the construction of more building and therefore, make sure that whenever you get woods, clear thorns or cheap trees rather than using the Sawmill. Also, the cleared spots add to the experience points.


2. Go to the limits


If you need a type of building, then try to build as many of them as possible. By building more, you will have the work done in advance, and it also leads to an increase in your island rankings.


3. Keep the entire workforce busy


As a matter of fact, if the workers will work all the time, you will make progress faster. Make sure that you keep one worker on the food preparation duty. As in the time quests, the workers are locked and therefore you can anytime get in need of a worker for another task.

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