Everybody likes superheroes, and there is a craze of superheroes all over the world. Games of superheroes also famous and give you the same adventure as movies and magazines. Board Kings game is a world of the actions for all superheroes lover. It is a multiplayer online battle game which takes you in the digital world of fantasy.

Gather your Team 

You have the opportunity to select between 50 and more than unique and varied heroes from agile archers, powerful mages as well as melee bruisers. It is up to you to make the best team by choosing the best team members.

Charge your Team  

At every level, you have to boost the energy of your teammates. Kill the enemies as much as you can for being charged and level up your game all the time. You can find rare heroes and make them persuade to join you in the game; it will strengthen your power as a team.

Start the Battle

Start fighting with your enemies to explore the world of Kron. Send your team to face the battle and to make it devastating for the enemies. Collect the dangerous arms to destroy your competitors and gain more coins. Develop your skills in gaming fast to kill more enemies. You can involve your friends with you and can take an extraordinary experience. For ruling the world of Kron, you need the cooperation of your team. Choose the right strategy, which can keep you on the top of Board Kings.               

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