Tons of exciting battle games are out there, and Monster Legends is one of them which is capturing a significant share over users. Almost 90% of people around the world are playing the game and tries to become a pro player. Monster Legends includes many fabulous features, currencies, functions, missions, challenges leagues to play. Completing every basic of the game help users to get more fun besides to learn master tactics. One can easily play the game on both iOS as well as Android platforms without paying any cent. In the game, every user needs to create a stronger army besides the island as a base with the help of in-game currencies.

When it comes to Monster Legends currencies, it plays a significant role in progressing faster. Maintaining every currency of the game help users to purchase every game item, pass hard missions quickly also become a king. It’s not an easy task to earn Monster Legends resources more, but with the help of listed ways, it can be possible.

Note- Gems, Gold and Food are three main currencies of Monster Legends.

Unlock achievements

It is considered as one of the best ways to earn currencies/resources in huge amount. For unlocking every achievement, gamers need to complete daily tasks, missions, challenges, besides need to win over different opponents. Also, using milestones and game points helps you to open achievements as soon as possible without getting stressed. On the other hand, if a player opens any rare achievement, he/she will get free 300 gems plus golds.

Earn ‘EXP’s

Earing more ‘EXP’s permit gamers to complete missions quickly like no one another can. Also, with earning more ‘EXP’s helps you to get free rewards, gifts, besides bonuses. ┬áBy finishing opponent rival kingdom and killing more enemies allows you to receive ‘EXP’s in sufficient amount. Performing this task smoothly helps to unlock premium eggs, which can be used to serve food to the army.

Feed more food to the army

Making the monsters more powerful allows you to win every single fight, mission or challenge without spending more efforts. Feeding more food to monsters besides taking care of them helps you to create mighty force. Spending some gold and gems for buying food packages lets you do this task.

Daily rewards

Make sure that a user is collecting daily rewards before starting any mission. It is considered a free method to manage currencies in the proper amount. Apart from playing the game if a user ‘doesn’t have more time to complete missions, they need to collect daily rewards first. This task can hardly perform in minimum one or two minutes, so there is no need to waste more time. In other words, collecting regular rewards may help users a lot.


With the help of the content mentioned above, we can easily conclude that every user needs to maintain in-game currencies more. Following ways correctly helps them to earn currencies in more massive amount besides grabbing unlimited benefits.

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