Action and War games are the most played games of the 21st century. War games are dominating the game’s world. Simcity Buildit is also a fantastic and loved game all over the world. In 2015 and 2016, mobile strike game was one of the top-grossing apps. It works on Android and iOS platforms. Machine Zone developed it and released on 11 July 2015.

  • Come in the war area

Every person wants the experience of adventure in life, and action is the most gaining part of the adventure. To do action in real life can harm us and others, but in the game of the world, there is no limit and restriction at all. Simcity Buildit gives you the chance of doing destructive action. You connect yourself with the peoples of the world and compete with them with your dangerous weapons.

  1. You select your weapons and move forward for a war; here you can play with the millions of the player of the world.
  1. Enemies try to kill you with their armed; you have to save yourself and kill the enemies one after another.
  2. Killing to the other players gives you point; these points work to upgrade your weapons.
  3. Cross the level with your intelligence and make your base secure for getting more rewards.
  4. You can use modern vehicles, to go another battlefield and receive more points, which level up your game.
  5. Simcity Buildit game provides you the opportunity of having 4 military tiers which consist of 16 troops in an army base.
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